Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra Portraits

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Over the summer I shot a series of portraits of Men from the WSO for a fund raising calendar the Symphony released this season.

Receipt Mate

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A quick video made for my buddy Gareth who built a great app called Receiptmate.

Poppie Clothing, Freshair Boutique & Oak and Lily

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My wife at Poppie Clothing, Christie and Praise from Freshair Boutique and Tatiana from Oak and Lily, collaborated with me on this photo shoot, starring our pal Pascal.


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Photos taken for SHED, the Sports Hospitality and Entertainment District here in Winnipeg. For more see

Chip & Kali

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another wedding shot with Tristan Fast!

Candice and Chester

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Another wedding shot with the help of my good friend Tristan Fast.    


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Jordy & Amber

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There was a great storm the other night, so instead of sleeping I sat out on our balcony and watched it. Here are some photos I took of the lightning.