New Camera

Posted by on Aug 19, 2011 in 35mm, Family, Kids, People | 4 Comments

My good friend tristan gave me a canon canonet 28 it is great it now goes every were with me.



  1. Cecile
    March 6, 2012

    Hello, i just came accross your blog because i got a canonet 28 from my grandma and was wondering how good it was.. your photos are nice 🙂
    Can i ask you which film you used and if you cross-processed or anything special?
    Thank you!!

  2. Kyle
    March 6, 2012

    Hi! The Canonet 28 is a great little camera, it is a really simple camera but it has a sharp lens. But it is also limited, it only displays the shutter speed in the viewfinder, and automatically chooses the shutter speed and aperture for you. The canonet ql 17 is actually aperture priority and is a lot of fun to use (this is is what i am currently keeping in my bag).

    I believe that the film that these photos were shot on was just cheapo fugi superia, because it was the first roll, and they were scanned really low resolution, no cross processing or anything, but I tweaked them a bit in post.

    Also they don’t make batteries for these anymore but i found a 1.4 v hearing aid battery that works great.

    i hope that helps

  3. Cecile
    March 27, 2012

    Hi again, and thanks for your answer!
    Went to make it lightproof, and got a battery (apparently it’s a normal one for alarm-clocks or so?), now i am eager to try it 🙂
    Just one thing, how do you make sure your picture won’t be blurred? (I usually use a canon eos 35mm and i am used to see the green dot when it’s sharp 😉
    Sorry to bother you with my ignorant questions!

  4. Kyle
    April 2, 2012

    I am glad you got it working.
    in regards to focusing it, there should be a little yellow rectangle in the center of the viewfinder and when you look through that you will see a super imposed image overlaid on the image you are seeing in the whole viewfinder. When you line up those to images (or the portion you want to be in focus) it will be sharp.
    It takes a little getting used to to be able to see the overlay image and focus quickly, but once you do it i sa pretty good system.

    Let me know if that helps, and send me a link to some of your photos you take with it I would love to see them.