Posted by on Mar 21, 2010 in Landscape | 2 Comments

Since moving my wife and I have been swimming every other day (we have a pool in our new apartment), it is nice. The thing that find interesting about exercising, is that when i do it i feel infinitely better, but it still takes work to keep going. Sort of the opposite of eating a big hamburger.

I was reminded  of this when I was in Fresno for work, to do some podcasting and photography for series of lectures. I didn’t have very much time to take pictures for my self but found a couple minutes in between sessions to make some non work related photos.  The few pictures that I took aren’t necessarily the best pictures i have ever taken, rather they reminded me how it is important it is to find time to do the things you love, even if it is only a moment.

I like making photo’s it makes me feel better.


  1. darlene
    March 23, 2010

    I like you making photos too. In fact looking at your photos makes me feel better!

  2. Jon Hildebrand
    April 13, 2010