Yousuf Karsh

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I was going to title this “I suf, Yousuf” but besides being a terrible joke, it didn’t seem to carry the respect that I have for Karsh and his amazing work.
My wife Tiffany, my friend Joel and I went to see the Yousuf Karsh exibit at the Winnipeg Art Gallery today. I have been wanting to go since I saw the advertisement on a bus months ago and we just ended up getting to it on the last day it was showing. It was amazing, his work is mind blowingly good. Each picture has such personality and style, that you get the impression that Karsh was not only a wizard with lighting and his camera, but was able to connect with his subject on a level that allowed their personality to be seen through the lens. This was emphasized by little quotes from Karsh at the bottom of each description of each piece.
The exhibit was amazing I wish that I had gone earlier so that I could have had a chance to go again.

-photo taken and uploaded with my iphone